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What is a comment line in HTML?

An HTML comment is a piece of text that you can add to your HTML code to provide notes, explanations, or reminders for yourself or other developers. HTML comments are not visible on the web page when it is rendered in a web browser. They are purely for human reference and don’t affect the appearance or functionality of the webpage.

How to Write Comments in HTML: A Guide

In HTML, you must include the<!– Your comment goes here –> tags before and after the code you want to comment on. Anything between these tags should be ignored, according to these tags.

Consider the scenario where a group of developers and you are creating a website. Reminding people that all buttons should be the same color with a note is what you want to do.

To create an HTML comment, you use the following syntax:

<!-- Your comment goes here -->

Here’s an example of how to use an HTML comment within an HTML document:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>My Webpage</title>
    <!-- This is the header section -->
        <h1>Welcome to My Webpage</h1>
        <p>This is the introduction.</p>

    <!-- This is the main content section -->
        <h2>Content Section</h2>
        <p>Some content goes here.</p>

    <!-- This is the footer section -->
        <p>Contact information and copyright notice.</p>

In this example, comments are used to label and describe the different sections of the HTML document (header, main content, and footer) for better organization and understanding of the code. Remember that comments are not necessary for the webpage to function, but they are helpful for developers working on the code and for anyone who needs to understand the structure and purpose of the HTML document.

How to Write an HTML Multi-Line Comment

Simply include your target text inside<!– –> tags to construct a comment in HTML that spans multiple lines using the same technique.

<!--Simply include your target text inside tags to construct a comment in HTML that spans multiple lines using the same technique.-->

HTML Inline Comment Formatting Instructions

Additionally, you can insert inline comments between live HTML code segments:

<p> Hello you are reading this article<!--Blog--> at Technalya

Commenting HTML Out

HTML comments are useful for “commenting out” certain code snippets in addition to providing remarks to developers (or your future self). You “deactivate” a working section of code with a comment to make it temporarily inactive.

There are two primary goals of commenting out. Debugging is the first. When you find an error, you can “deactivate” certain sections of your code with comments, see if the error still occurs, and then repeat the procedure until the problematic code is located.

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