Introduction of Computer

What is Computer?

An electrical device that manipulates data or information in accordance with instructions is called a computer.

Data can be processed, retrieved, and stored by it. A computer is used to type documents, send emails and browse the internet. Computer is also used to handle accounting, database management, multimedia purposes and games and so on.

Function of a Computer

Computer performs four basic functions which are as follows:

  • Input: taking  a Information or data as input.
  • Processing: processing a data according instruction.
  • Output: Provide a processed data for user.
  • Storage: save a data for future uses.

Advantage of Computer


  • A computer is a really quick device.
  • It is capable of handling extremely big data calculations.
  • The speed can be measured by the computer in picoseconds, nanoseconds, or even microseconds.
  • It can do millions of calculations in a matter of seconds, when a human would need several months to complete the same task.


  • Computers are extremely accurate in addition to being incredibly quick.
  • There are zero mistakes in the computations.
  • As long as the input is accurate, computers can complete any task with 100% accuracy.

Storage Capability

  • Memory is one of the most important components of computers.
  • Compared to a human, a computer has far greater storage capacity.
  • Any kind of data, including text, music, video, and image files, can be stored in it.


  • A computer is an extremely adaptable device.
  • When it comes to completing tasks, a computer is incredibly versatile.
  • Problems in a variety of domains can be resolved by this machine.
  • It could be working on a challenging scientific issue one moment, and then playing cards the next.


  • The computer is an automated device.
  • The capacity to carry out a specific task in an automated manner is called automation.
  • Programmes and instructions can govern programme execution without human intervention after they are received by the computer and stored in computer memory.


  • A computer is not subject to boredom, weakness, or lack of focus like humans are.
  • It can work without error or boredom for an extended period of time.
  • It is capable of carrying out repetitive operations accurately and quickly.


  • A computer is a trusted device.
  • The service life of modern electronic components is long.
  • Computers are built with ease of maintenance in mind.

Disadvantages of Computers

No Intelligence

  • A computer is a machine with no intelligence capable of carrying out any kind of work.
  • The computer must get each instruction.
  • A computer is not capable of making decisions for itself.


It’s fully depend on user instruction. It’s can’t work themself.

No Feeling

It is a emotionless device it’s can’t test any food, can’t feel the weather like cool air and warm air etc.

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