Ultimate Self-taught UI UX Design Roadmap for Beginners: 2023

Hello Guys! I am going to share the UI UX design roadmap with you, which is to help many people to become UI UX designers.

Table of Contents

  • What is UI Design?
  • What is UX Design?
  • Set clear goals
  • Prepare & develop the mindset for UI Design
  • Ultimate resources to learn Design Principles
  • Get started learning UX
  • Get started learning a design tool

What is UI Design?
UI design is all about making things look and work great on websites and apps. It’s about creating layout, buttons, and other stuff that makes it easy for people to use and understand. It is like redesigning a website or app so that it is attractive, easy to navigate, and grabs your attention. It’s also about making sure it works well on a variety of devices, such as your phone or tablet. So, UI design is basically about making things look great and work smoothly so that people love using them.

What is UX Design?
UX design aims to make stuff extremely user-friendly and enjoyable to use. It’s like the Jedi mind tricks of design – when people interact with a website or app you’re trying to make them feel warm and fuzzy. It’s not just about how it looks, but also how it feels and works. UX designers think about things like easy navigation, clear instructions, and getting rid of any annoying bugs or glitches. They want you to have a smooth and amazing experience so that you will keep coming back for more. 

UI UX Design

Get started learning a design tool

It is essential to learn because if you are unfamiliar with any UI designing tool you can't design smoothly. You can use one of these tools:

The future of UI/UX design in 2023 is looking bright and promising. We can expect some exciting developments that will shape the digital landscape and user experiences.
No! UI designers bring that human touch, that creative flair that sets them apart. They're the ones who think outside the box, come up with fresh ideas, and make designs pop. AI, on the other hand, relies on data and fancy algorithms, but it might miss that special something that only humans can bring.

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